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Dr Gillian Harris, clinical expert on problems of baby food If I give you a sheep eye, you would tell to Foo!


It is a trace stvy categorizations of food process which happens aged trekhchetyrekh years.

By this time children decide that it is edible, and that is not present.

That is why I prefer that children got in I wash kl to nickname till four years, after all then categories take roots very much strongly.

Besides, children have different characters; one are capricious also touch, others never do it.

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Approximately About % of the British parents decide that one of them will stay at home, at least until children do not reach school age.

In other cases the first tutors by whom researchers mean mothers gradually come back to work with a parttime or a full employment when the grownup children can already spend time in kindergartens.

Approximately in every twentieth family the father stays at home, and mother comes back to work with a full employment in the first five years of life of the child.

Only in one of families parents decide to send the child to a day nursery for full hour day aged till one year.

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Now it is necessary

Now it is necessary, work with it over improvement of his general mobility see page .

The stiffness of muscles interferes with formation normal speech exhalation and statement of sounds.

, and l ' ; Correction of speech hearing You checked speech hearing of the child and wrote out those couples of sounds, which it among themselves confuses.

Now it is necessary to teach him to distinguish these sounds.

For work on speech hearing it is possible to buy in bookstore in department of logopedic literature any grant with a speech ma terialy and pictures it is also useful for automation of sounds.

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Why you beat

Why you beat Also does it in the form of rhetorical questions: What does all this mean?

, As you could arrive so?

, As you so can?

and so on.

But actually it is manifestation of inability to want more, inability manifestation directly to speak about the desires.

Why you beat the sister?

It is one of classical rhetorical questions.

Present yourself on the child's place, for example boy of five or seveneight years.

What could you answer this question the more or less intelligible?

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In spite

In spite In spite of the fact that to the child fifteen or twenty years can already be executed, and he is not connected physically by an umbilical cord with the mother in any way, nevertheless, the socalled mental umbilical cord remains still powerful channel of an exchange between mother and the Child.

And in this regard the principle which sounds so is very important: Children show those negative emotions which we suppress,.

Knowing it, it is easy to explain paradoxical povedekny children when, for example, mother brings the child on a visit or when she appears in big department store, Toy store or in transport, in any situation, where it is much more difficult to cope with the child, than at home.

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